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Me new #aragonite #starcluster #crystal I got from #lucidity #so stoked, yeeee!
Oh you know jus being my usual #badass self #bootiebootiebootieerrywhere
#crystals cleansed and charged if anyone is Interested hit me up :) I will also be at lucidity if anyone want me to hold one for them
#crystal #broaches $12. Pin them to your hats, purses, jackets whateva you name it. If interested msg me. Ill also be at lucidity festival this weekend so I can save one for ya :)
Humming birds last flight! Found this lil guy on the ground. the flash of iridescent from its feathers caught the corner of my eye. Such a beautiful magical little bird. #beautyindeath #hummingbird

Ammonites are extinct cephalopods that existed from the Devonian Period to the Cretaceous Period. The most recognizable ammonite form is of a curled shell, although many ammonites don’t have the prominent curling pattern. As soft body tissue is nearly impossible to preserve for millions of years through fossilization and weathering, the shell is the main part of the ammonite that remains somewhat intact. 
Mineral replacement, perhaps along with titanium or bismuth treatment, created the rainbow crystals above in the septa of the ammonite.

Sea Creatures

Green smoothie bowl; bananas, spinach, kale and water with soaked chia. Omega 3 mix- quinoa, flax, chia, sunflower, pepita, currants, cocao nibs. Sliced banana. Yum!
Recap from last night #creasentmoon #necklaces #brass /w #angelaura #crystals and copper w/ #purple #titanium #crystals $35 msg me if interested  Xx #gypsyboolove #handmade #oneofakind #jewelry